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Fitness Modelling DJ Becomes Iconic Social Media Personality


Amy Rebecca is a young fitness model, entertainer, deejay, and musician who has always wanted to gain a huge fanbase. While raised in the Dominican Republic as a child...

Upcoming New York Socialite, Deejay & Supermodel


Socialites have been known throughout history to be celebrities because of their partying lifestyle and heavy influence on the current...

Official Ambassador to PLUSH Vodka


So excited to announce I signed a deal with PLUSH Vodka to be their Official Ambassador! Stay tuned for upcoming events, appearances, DJ gigs + more!

Trains for WBFF World Championship


You might have seen the name “Amy Rebecca” be mentioned in multiple industries over the last decade. She's a young fitness model who won WBFF 2017.

First Vlog: How To Party & Stay Fit


Amy's currently preparing for the WBFF WORLDS 2019 as a BIKINI PRO & wanted to share that you too can stay fit while living your best life.

Amy Spills Her Fitness Secrets


Women Fitness President, Namita Nayyar, talks to the social media influencer & model about her WBFF Pro life, music and her passion for fitness.

The Renaissance Woman


How can one person be a master at so many different things? Amy Rebecca is more than just an attractive woman who can be described by one label.